Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dabbawalla Bags

I like when I can find something for my daughter that combines style and function. Dabbawalla Bags fits the bill. Dabbawalla Bags was started by two sisters. The company has partnered with a woman-owned and operated sewing facility in rural Taiwan. The workers receive benefits and fair wages. All the materials are fully tested and exceed CPSIA standards. They are PVC and Phalate free, and the dyes are Oeko-Tex 1000 certified. The name Dabbawalla is inspired from India where delivery men knows as dabbawallas deliver home-cooked lunches to office workers.
We got a Lunch Bag in Cute as a Bug. It is a ladybug fit for a boy or girl. The Lunch Bag is made from Neoprene. It protects and insulates without lead. It is also Machine-washable and stain-resistant (perfect for your little ones). It has cushioned handles and even inside pockets for all their goodies. This is not just a lunch bag, it is big enough to fit a book and other little items...perfect for a day on the town.

Dabbawalla bags also make adorable Backpacks. They are big enough for a school bag or a day jaunt, and made from neoprene like the lunch bags. They can stand up to the toughest child, but unlike conventional backpacks they are not heavy. They really help to reduce the strain on your child's back. There are so many options to choose from, that you and your child will find a Lunch Bag and Backpack you both love.
They are super light-weight, and our lunch bag comes everywhere with us. Instead of getting your child fast-food while on the holiday shopping run, why not bring one of these wonderful bags packed with wholesome goodies.

I plan on getting more, and am specifically eyeing the Lunch Bag in Free Range with the chicken on it. All of these bags are adorable...and no silly cartoon characters in site!

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