Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stokke Premium Cushions for the Tripp Trapp...Making a Great Product Even Better

The Stokke Tripp Trapp® was designed to bring your child to the table, rather than separating them with a tray like most highchairs do. Your child sits with you, and interacts with the family at mealtimes. The Ergonomic design allows you to adjust the seat and footrest in height and depth for correct ergonomic sitting, and helps improve your child's posture as their spine develops. The Tripp Trapp is made from beechwood which is not only strong, but has elastic properties to ensure safety. The Tripp Trapp is coated, so it is easy to clean it after each mealtime. This is a chair that grows with your child. It is a chair that will last a lifetime, and with a weight capacity of 300 lbs., your child can eventually use it as a desk chair-and even hand it down to become an heirloom for generations to use.
We use our Tripp Trapp every day. My daughter uses the footrest to climb into her seat, and she loves being right there with us for the meal. I love the design and the fact that I do not have a bulky, unsightly highchair in my home. I found my daughter was offended by her original highchair and hated sitting in it. The Stokke Tripp Trapp solved the problem. She likes that she can climb into it, and be part of the family. In the beginning the seating cushions were all fabric, so had to be machine-washed. Stokke came out with Premium Cushions, which are coated and make clean-up as easy as wiping it down. We have the cushion in Pink Tales and we love it. All of the cushions simply velcro on and off, for easier cleaning. It is the perfect chair for this family! I cannot recommend the Tripp Trapp enough. *Please note that you can purchase a Baby Set as well, which is a back plate and seating rail made from environmentally friendly plastic material that allows you to use this chair with younger babies from 6 months and older.*

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