Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Danish Woolen Delight...Pulling the Wool Over You!

We live in a cold climate here in New England. My daughter can only be forced to wear so many coats and sweaters. I was on a search for Long Johns that were comfortable and not too heavy. I was delighted to find Danish Woolen Delight, a Vermont-based company that imports woolen items from Europe. They carry a large selection of the LANACare line and Hocosa from Switzerland. We have the Hocosa of Switzerland Long Johns and they are among the softest clothing my child owns. The top is pure wool, and the pants are a wool/silk blend. Hocosa woolens are pure, untreated Demeter wool. The wool comes from pure-bred merino sheep, and is sheered by hand, free of pesticides, chemically untreated and so wonderfully soft. The wool/silk blend gives the benefits of wool and the durability and temperature regulating bonuses of silk. They keep her warm, without her being over heated. I look forward to really testing them out when it inevitably starts to snow. Pure untreated wool has so many wonderful properties.

Untreated wool holds many amazing and forgotten properties - it can absorb up to 40% of it’s own weight in moisture before feeling wet. And even when wet, it still feels warm. Wool provides warmth, yet it breathes to maintain a comfortable temperature. So even in warm environments, wool maintains a comfortable temperature next to your skin. And wool’s natural fibers breathe, unlike synthetics.

As wool absorbs moisture, its natural lanolin is converted to lanolin-soap, which has an antibacterial effect and removes odors. So even if wool is wet with sweat, urine or breast-milk, the lanolin goes to work cleansing the wool and removing odors- it need only be washed when the lanolin needs replenishing.

Not only are you getting a pure and organic material, but you are actually also saving water resources by wearing something that rarely needs washing. I definitely need a pair of long johns for me as well.

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