Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ringley...for Teething the Natural Way

The creator of the Ringley line of teething toys watched how nicely wood and cloth soothed her children as they teethed. She decided she would create her own line to share with other babies. Ringley Natural Teething Toys are made with 100% certified Organic cotton and natural untreated Maple wood. Maple wood will not splinter as children teeth on on it because it is such a strong wood. All Ringley Teething Toys are made without dyes or harmful chemicals.

There are currently four styles: Knotted, Straight, Junior and Ball. We have the knotted and the ball one. The knotted got us through some really tough teething times. They can all be used wet or dry and the Junior and the Ball have Velcro to remove them so you can toss them right into the wash. We have tried other wooden teething toys similar to this, and this is the only one that did not splinter and stood up to very vigorous chewing. I love the Ball because it can also be a fun toy for the baby to roll around and play with. These teething toys are winners all the way!

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