Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forever Afters Handmade Wooden Toys

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love handcrafted toys. I think finding a wooden toy that will last a lifetime and become an heirloom makes it very special. My daughter has a wooden toaster from Forever Afters, an Etsy seller who has a similar philosophy to mine; making a toy that lasts forever. The toaster is perfect for pretend play. I am thanking my lucky stars that this is wooden toast, because my little cook has made me toast so many times I have lost count. I am looking forward to getting my daughter the coffee maker as well. It is so well crafted and really will last Forever After. I love that in a mass-produced world Etsy is around to give artisans like this a voice. Be sure an check it out for the Holidays, and save yourselves from the crowds and the plastic! Happy Etsy shopping!

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