Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicken Soup with Rice...

I thought it was appropriate with the release of Where the Wild Things are to mention some of Product Mommy's favorite Maurice Sendak books, and music! In 1975 the infamous Carole King recorded an album called Really Rosie, based on the books by Maurice Sendak. Really Rosie was a television special with the award winning drawings of Sendak. He did the cover art for the album, and for the script that was released in conjunction. He was responsible for favorites like "A Alligators All Around" and "Chicken Soup With Rice." It is an album based on a little girl in Brooklyn who wants to be a star. It is the kind of album that generations pass down. I listened to it, and now my daughter knows every song. It is truly a timeless album.
I was overjoyed to find Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library . It includes four small books (Alligators All Around, One Was Johnny, Pierre and Chicken Soup With Rice). The charming illustrations from Sendak are the perfect bedtime treat for your child. My daughter loves reading these and she sings the accompanying tunes from Really Rosie as she reads each book. The set is really a collectors item. I think it appeals even more to children because each book is perfectly shaped for their little hands. I know what I will be buying some lucky kids for holiday treats (the perfect stocking-stuffer!).

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