Friday, November 6, 2009

Beaba, Baby Where Have You Been All My Life?

I made all of my daughter's baby food. I had to put aside a few days every month to stock-up as much as I could. It was a long, tiresome process. And when I was done, I had pans and dishes and grinders and mashers to, fun, fun! When I heard about the Beaba Babycook, you would have thought I found the Holy Grail. This thing is amazing! The Beaba Babycook™ (BPA-Free) Baby food Maker is a wonderful appliance that steams, purees, defrosts and re-heats food for your baby. It does all the work for you, while allowing you to give your baby healthy food. I had the chance to try one out and I can tell you it is incredibly easy to use and gives you no excuse not to make your own baby food. You will save money, time and even water from not having to wash tons of pans, utensils and nonesuch by doing it the old-fashioned way. Because when you have a new baby, who wants to waste that much time? Veggies, fruits and meats steam in less than 15 minutes, while retaining flavor and vitamins, then it blends them and you can freeze the extra for meals for weeks. It even defrost the food for you once you are ready. If you have a picky toddler who is not fond of veggies, put them in the Beaba and you can "hide" the healthy food. I have done just that, and it worked like a charm!

Additional Information
Features: The BEABA Babycook Features:• BPA-Free
• Made of safe Polysulfone that won't leach into food.
• Steamer automatically turns off when food is done.
• Control consistency of food with smooth puree or more texture.
• Easy to clean.
• Bowl and basket are top rack dishwasher safe.
• Convenient recipe and meal booklet.
• For babies 6-24 months
• BPA Safety-Tested
• Bowl: unbreakable polysulfone (PSU)
• Basket: transparent polypropylene (PP)
• Ceramic tank
• 2½ cup capacity bowl
• Cooking basket
• Recipe booklet
• Spatula
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Use this link to purchase a Beaba. They are running a promotion through December 31st for $15 off the BabyCook making it $134.95, and all purchases over $59 receive free 2nd day shipping (take note Holiday shoppers). If you do not love the Beaba (which is impossible in my mind) you can return it within 60 days for your money back. I know some lucky new mommies are going to get one of these from me!

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