Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uncle Goose-Bonkers for Blocks!

I love blocks for children. I have sets I use as decoration in my daughter’s room, and throughout our house. I think they are one of the simplest, yet most enjoyable toys children have. Blocks are also great learning tools as they help to develop fine motor skills, spatial recognition, math and language skills. Blocks are really timeless, and a good set will last many generations. Children play with them from infancy all the way through childhood. I still often find one of my old ABC blocks in my old boxes at my mothers house.
Uncle Goose was started in 1983 in Michigan by founder William Bultman. They are distributed by Lindenwood Inc., a specialty wood toy maker in Grand Rapids, MI. The blocks are all American made from sustainable Michigan basswood and have all child safe inks and are made with environmentally-friendly processes. The business is being continued by son Peter Bultman-a wonderful man who believes in handmade, well crafted items.

We received the Ant Blocks which feature ants marching on all six sides of the sixteen blocks, forming never-ending patterns. Each set contains images of ant hills, a queen with her eggs, and the ant's enemy--the spider. My daughter loves stacking them, and trying to make different ant patterns. These are some of the coolest blocks I have ever seen! The possibilities are truly endless.

Uncle Goose is keeping a wonderful tradition alive. They make so many different types of blocks, it is hard to keep count! They even manufacture Alphabet Blocks in other languages, including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish (pictured above), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish, as well as Braille and Sign-Language. You can be sure you will find a set of blocks for your family and your little one to enjoy for years to come. And really, that is the best kind of toy.

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