Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sevi-toys you will have forever!

I love finding toys that are not only fun for right now, but will become heirlooms for my child. I still have a lot of the wooden toys that were bought for me, and I was so excited to share them with my daughter. I want her to have that same experience. Sevi is an Italian company that makes most of their toys with wood and vegetable-based dyes. We have a few Sevi items, but some of my favorites are the Play Puzzle Farm (pictured above). It measures about 7x7 and once the pieces are all put in in their correct place, the box latches closed with an elastic around a knob. My daughter finds hours of fun with this toy. She can play with it like a puzzle fitting each piece into the box, over the corresponding picture, or she can play farm and act out scenes with the little girl. She especially likes pretending that the little girl is feeding the duck and chicken the set comes with. If your child is into trucks, try the Transportation puzzle. There is even a whole puzzle City. These puzzles are all smooth wood that is easy to clean, and they develop fine motor skills, pattern recognition, promotes imagination, improves organization skills and encourage interactive play. A big bonus, is that you can easily pack these toys for travel without the piece going everywhere.

My other favorite from Sevi is the Blue Castle. The blue castle can be transformed into a dragon and a castle. These blocks are great for role play as well. A king and Queen are also provided to stack them up and play your favorite fairy tale. This is a wonderful stacking toy, and also helps develop hand/eye coordination. has the best prices, and if you find it cheaper anywhere, you can email and they will usually adjust the price. Happy shopping for Sevi!

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