Tuesday, October 27, 2015

August Uncommon Teas

I am a tea drinker through and through.  I drink it iced all summer and hot all fall and winter.  I love when I find artisan teas.  August Uncommon Tea is an amazing company that will surely change even the most skeptical mind about how amazing tea is.  The tea flavors are anything but conventional and these loose-leaf teas are works of art.  With names like Cocteau, Midnight in the Garden and A Field in Innsbruck, you know you are drinking something amazing.

I can only describe the delicious brews I sampled, but hopefully you get the idea and order immediately.

Midnight in the Garden is a delicate pu-erh tea.  To me this tasted like early, early fall, like fresh hay and even a few grassy notes.

A Field in Innsbruck is a refreshing black tea with juniper and thyme.  This is herbal and pine.  It is a walk through a freshly iced wood.

Jet Black is a very bold tea with roasted mate and espresso bean.  Drops of milk make this a heavenly treat and will convert even the most staunch coffee drinker.

Cocteau is a rooibos tea with vanilla, grapefruit and mint.  It is refreshing and a little sweet from the rooibos.  Excellent warm, but I prefer this iced.  This is a lazy summer night in a cup for me.

My favorite of the ones I got to try was the Dolomite.  It is a green tea that is floral with almond notes.  Full disclosure, I love jasmine and I love green tea.  The floral notes in this are boosted by the almond and I find myself sipping slowly to make it last.  This is a love affair with tea.  It is spring and magic in a cup.

August Uncommon Tea makes it easy to brew on the go with their one cup infuser.  You are allowed to control the strength and flavor of your tea.  This is tea as an art-form.  The masters behind this vision are even offering up seasonal blends.  I find myself back on their site constantly.  Get yourself ready for this culinary tea journey.

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