Monday, May 4, 2015


I love finding a new all-natural line that I can use with the whole family.  Skincando has an amazing selection of products with names like "Combat-Ready Balm" and "Brew".  Really. what's not to love?

A little about this amazing line:
More than 15 years ago, Skincando founder and eco-facialist Sara Damelio set out to fix her problem skin. After extensive research and formulation, she found her answer: her own line of 100 percent organic skincare products. The famed Skincando balms are made from the purest, cleanest ingredients...
Not long after Skincando was born, Sara received a request from a US soldier serving in Iraq for more of the "magic balm" that soothed his itchy, irritated skin. Sara complied, and created Operation Sand Flea, a not-for-profit arm under Skincando that donates a portion of the products to members of the US Military. Each day, Sara and Skincando passionately pursue their mission of improving lives—by nourishing people's skin and giving them peace of mind, while giving back at the same time.

The company is really an inspiration.  They recycle, they are philanthropic and best of all, the products work!  The products are also concentrated, so they last longer.
All Skincando products are handcrafted in micro-batches from the highest quality natural + organic ingredients and are free from harmful synthetics such as parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances or dyes.

Combat-Ready Balm is a true miracle in a jar.  It can be used for literally everything (well, most everything).  Men can use this to shave, it soothes skin conditions and makes sun-burns a thing of the past.  As you read above, this was made for a US Soldier in Iraq to soothe his skin.  I think that is proof in the pudding. 

The Combat-Ready Lip Balm is a peppermint treat.  It makes my lips so soft and I am obsessed with the peppermint tingle it give my lips.  It is made with coconut oil and shea butter, and is a staple in my purse.

The Skincando Luxe is just as wonderful  The Miracle Cream is an intense moisturizer.  It contains, rose geranium oil, vitamin E and fatty acids.  It is definitely an intense experience.  I love the way it smells and it is a fabulous treat to soothe nighttime skin.  I personally cannot use it during the day, it is too heavy.  Chapped cheeks can take a back-seat with this healing cream. 

The Eye Balm uses green tea and lemongrass oil to soothe puffiness and make dark circles a thing of the past.  I may be sort-of, well really addicted to it.  My undereyes always peel for some unknown reason, during allergy season.  This gets rid of the flakes and keeps my eyes looking fresh.

The Brew Lip Balm uses Myrrh essential oil (proportedly used by royalty for centuries).  It has the most delicious anise scent and soothes lip so well.  This one reminds me of fall nights and crisp leaves.  The name "Brew" is so perfect for this balm.

The  Skincando line is a breath of fresh, natural air.  It lets you harness you skin woes and shine.

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