Monday, January 12, 2015

Tangram Race

Like building blocks, tangrams can teach kids about spatial relationships.  They may help kids learn geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills.  They might even help children perform better in general mathematics.  I am the first to admit, that Tangrams never really came easily to me.  I wanted to make sure my daughter was better at them than me, so I was pretty excited to see Tangram Race by Tactic.  Anything that lets us have fun without my child realizing how much she is learning is always a good choice.

The ultimate fast-paced puzzle race! With three difficulty levels, Tangram Race presents fun challenge for both beginners and experts! Look at a puzzle card and try to form the same shape out of your tangram pieces. If you complete the puzzle first, you win the card! The first player to collect five puzzle cards wins the game.

We have so much fun playing this, and my daughter puts me to shame.  The pieces are made of sturdy wood.  This game is fast-paced and so enjoyable.  The race is on!

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