Monday, September 29, 2014

My trip to the Italian Countryside!

Don't let that title fool you...there was no trip.  I know I wish I had gone there too!  I had the next best thing. A summer home with my child; enjoying every minute of sun.  Alora Ambiance  very kindly brought me on an olfactory journey with their newest fragrance, Toscana!

Alora Ambiance is the result of sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons' 15-year adventure living in Lake Como, Italy. After discovering the age-old Italian wicking method, they decided to design their own "diffuser", as it would come to be known, develop a trio of signature scents and introduce America to the concept they loved so much. Since launching Alora Ambiance in 2000, Annie And Therese have created a cottage industry of competitors yet still remain the category's beloved innovator and Barneys New York #1 selling fragrance diffuser.

I wrote about my love for the Alora Ambiance line a while back.   The scents are pure magic for my senses.
While I was not able to travel to Italy, Toscana brought it all back for me.  I was able to revel in memories of sipping wine in the villa we rented right on the Tuscan countryside (a trip I never wish to forget).  Toscana is an amazing blend of Galbanum, fresh moss, garden tomato leaf, vetiver, green fig.  I actually have it sitting on the shelves of my entryway (which also has all of our books, so is my favorite place).  It welcomes visitors into my home like a warm hug.  Even my picky husband loves it! It is such a fresh and earthy scent.  This is one fragrance I will be repurchasing over and over.  I have the reed diffuser which will keep my home smelling its best for 3 months!  

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