Monday, March 31, 2014

Gressa Skin is Beautiful Skin

As more and more people get the memo that our skin matters and what we put on goes in, more all-natural and organic companies take note and create incredible items.  Gressa Skin  is a fantastic line that I fell in love with the very first time I was privileged enough to use the products.  The creator, Svetlana as a philosophy that  is simple and beautiful:
Expect the unexpected.  Refine your daily skincare routine. Make those few precious minutes each day ever so precious.Gressa adds true luxury of ancient traditional skincare by bringing you the most unique sensory experience.  Emerge in warming spices, clays, precious oils of rarest, most exotic plants our Earth has to offer.Time stops. Gressa makes this time your own.Pure, calm, evenly toned skin is the revealed upon continuous ritual.Glowing, balanced, well-taken care of. You.

This seems so simple to say, but do, well that is a different story.  There are a few  Gressa Skin  that I cannot live without.  I am the first to admit that when I tried Dirty Pretty Things, I was not prepared to love it as much as I did.

Going back to the roots has never been this cutting edge. Regenerate, renew, re-mineralize and revitalize your skin with this blend of traditional herbs and spices loaded with antioxidants for your skin to eat up.
It comes as a powder that you add water to an apply to face.  It does wonders for skin.  I have sensitive skin and this was no issue for me.  My skin really did "eat up" and the goodness.  I have combination skin with a tendency to redden, and this left me positively glowing.  It smells, feels and works in an amazing way.  I look forward to those days of the week when I am going to use this.  It feels like a special ritual just for me.

Another Gressa Skin  huge winner for me is the Rejuvenating Mist.

For a perfectly refreshing experience, this all natural moisturizing facial toner is infused with pure Neroli. Skin is refreshed, rejuvenated and soothed.

~Neroli calms and restore your skin and mind
~Rehydrates, refreshes and softens skin
~Restores natural pH balance

No lie, I could practically drink this.  It makes skin glow and look so fresh and young, but, even better is the delectable scent.  I spray this for the skin benefits as well as the aromatherapy.  I use this morning, noon and night and have even brought it to class to pep me up.  I will never travel without this.  (Do you think I like it?!)  All I can really say is this is amazing on all levels.  

I finish up my Gressa Skin  routine with the Lip Boost in Bare.  

Non-toxic glamour is serene, sheer confidence. It means your love for yourself doesn’t harm the planet. It is grace, elegance, and inner peace coated in sensuality.

Glam your pout with Gressa Lip Boost. Light, non-sticky and moisturizing, it feels like a balm yet looks like a gloss.  It looks and feels amazing and really plumps up lips.  It goes a long way in showing you that beauty does not have to be toxic.  It imparts a nice "your lips but better" tint that I really love.  It is a clear winner. 

Gressa Skin  is a company that will soon get sick of my multiple orders from them.  These products are affordable and really work.  This is luxury, organic skincare at its best!

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