Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Give Your Spring a Kick With FRESH Food

The weather is a little warmer.  When that happens around these here parts, this mama starts thinking about her upcoming farm share and all of the delicious vegetables we will enjoy.  I am already starting to prepare healthier dishes.  We tend to eat less and less meat, especially in spring and summer.  reFresh by Ruth Tal with Jennifer Houston is full of delicious vegan recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

Toronto’s Fresh restaurants are consistently rated as among the most popular restaurants in the city. Appealing to vegetarians, vegans and those who enjoy meatfree meals as part of a healthy diet, Fresh has evolved from a humble juice bar into a chain of three dynamic and gorgeous downtown restaurants.reFresh is a new edition of Ruth Tal’s first book, Juice for Life. Completely revised and updated, reFresh offers the reader a sumptuous selection of the best recipes found on the restaurant’s menu today, all in a gorgeous full colour package that reflects the award-winning style and design of the restaurants themselves.

There is a good reason that vegans and non-vegans flock to the Fresh locations and are scooping up this book.    reFresh a spin on classics and you never miss the meat.  I have been repeatedly making the Buddha Rice Bowl.  It is chock full of veggies, protein and cilantro and lemon to tart up your senses.  Since I have been on such an Asian-fusion kick, I am also a big fan of the Thai Noodles (which taste just as good cold as warm and make a great lunch!).

Just like peas and carrots,  reFresh is so good, that you cannot miss on the authors' other book, Fresh.  Fresh continues with even more great recipes.

Longtime patrons of Fresh know what to expect: scrumptious meatless meals made from all-natural, wholesome ingredients, full of exotic flavours and energy-boosting nutrients designed to make them feel incredible. In their new cookbook, founder Ruth Tal and co-owner and head chef Jennifer Houston offer Fresh fans even more recipes from their enticing and healthy menu. Loaded with nutritious recipes as well as tips on maintaining a healthy and balanced vegan/vegetarian diet, Fresh balances good eating with great taste on every page.
  • Fresh has been featured on Food Network's Best of Show as one of the top juice bars in North America and named one of Toronto's top 20 influential restaurants of the past 20 years by Now magazine
  • The authors' previous book, reFresh, was a North American bestseller
  • Fresh offers 150 new recipes for smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and other delights
A cookbook designed to make healthy eating a daily inspiration, Fresh brings the revitalizing creations of the award-winning Fresh restaurants right into your kitchen.

 The Eat Your Greens!  salad is super yummy.  My daughter often asks for it for school.  I enjoy the Granola Parfaits with Strawberry and Mango with Goji Berry Compote.  What delicious treats without the guilt.

So to make a bad pun,  Fresh and reFresh give your diet a kick and keep you body feeling fresh.

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