Thursday, December 20, 2012

Toy Nanny!

As we creep closer to the holiday extravaganza, my heart races with fear...fear of the inevitable crunch of my foot (or a relative) on small toys.  Small toys, even big ones are often hard and anyone who has ever stepped on a Lego can feel my pain.  2 Red Hens has you covered with the Toy Nanny.  2 Red Hens was by genius momma-of-two Lori Holliday.  With everything from diaper bags to shopping cart nests, 2 Red Hens is the utilizes gorgeous vintage-feel fabrics to make parent's lives easier.

The Toy Nanny:
The most ingenious creation to hit the baby world since disposable diapers!  This cozy floor blanket quickly and easily cinches up into a smart toy tote for on-the-go moms. Transporting toys from grandma’s to play dates to the back yard has never been easier!

The Toy Nanny is the perfect way to keep toys in order, while allowing baby and kids to have fun.  We plan on taking our along for the holiday visits where my daughter insists on bringing toys to beat boredom.  You may never have to step on a hard toy again!  The Toy Nanny has convenient pocket for little toys and folds up to become a handbag.  It really does not get much easier than that.  

  • Eight mesh pockets keep small pieces in place
  • Soft velour interior creates a clean play surface
  • Water resistant backing keeps spills from soaking through
  • Machine Washable
  • Cleanup is a snap by just pulling straps to convert into a tote
  • Available in 5 custom vintage-inspired patterns

This is one holiday gift that every parent and grandparent needs!  Check out 2 Red Hens on Facebook for exciting news.  Also follow 2 Red Hens on Twitter.  Stay in the know as they introduce even more exciting products.

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