Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't Hate Me Because My Hair is (naturally) Beautiful

It is shocking how many people rush to salons to get keratin smoothing treatments.  Why is it shocking?   Well the amount of chemicals (mainly doses of formaldehyde in some treatments) leave behind.  American Culture  designed the Pure NV BKT system to give you a safe keratin smoothing system.  Using Nature;s Vitamins, this Botanical Keratin Treatments have you covered from shampoo to styling products to keep you mane tame and beautiful.  The Pure NV BKT products are sodium-chloride, sulfate and paraben free.  They use a perfect balance of nature's vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish, repair and hydrate you hair.  Your hair needs keratin to stay healthy.  Pure NV BKT gives you the look you want without the chemical warfare on your hair.
The Shampoo  comes in five formulations (including a delicious-smelling dry shampoo, I use every week.  It adds major volume).  We are adoring the Harmonizing shampoo which smells like lemongrass and verbena (perfect for summer).  It adds moisture to my hair and keeps me looking well-coiffed.  
We also love the accompanying Harmonizing Conditioner with wheat protein, as it moisturizes without dragging hair down.  The Color Seal Healing Mask  helps to close the hair cuticle and seal in color.  It contains anti-color fade and anti-aging technology.  
I use the BKT 1 For All leave-in conditioning and styling lotion when I want to add major moisture after days of swimming.  with collagen, rosemary, nettle and sage, it also helps to protect my hair from frizz, breakage and repair elasticity.  I often use the BKT Ker-Argan Oil as a treatment while laying by the pool (or rather chasing kids by the pool).  It protects my hair from the heat, salt (at the ocean) and damage.  It is full of Omega 3 and vitamin E.  
My favorite from this fabulous line is the BKT Versatility.  It smells like apricot raspberry!  I can use it to straighten my hair, or leave it naturally curly without the frizz.  It prevents fly aways and prolongs a blow-out.  I cannot get enough of this, and the scent just makes it!  

Be naturally gorgeous with a little help from you Pure NV BKT friends!

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