Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ivivva Dancewear & Athleticwear For Girls

I write a lot about becoming a more active mommy, but that also means that my little girl is joining in on the active fun.  To do so, she needs the right gear.  We love Ivivva! Ivivva was created by the makers of Lululemon, so they understand the needs of an active person and having the right fit.  ivivva got input from real girls so they could cater to their needs.

The ivivva selection of headbands and hairties is just perfect. The headbands stay in through dancing, jumping and just all around being a kid. The Pony Up Hair Ties not only keep my daughter's hair up through dance class and school, they also double as cool zipper pulls for ivivva gear!
The ivivva Jackets and Hoodies have cool thumb holes so your girl stays warm backstage before the show goes on. My daughter wears hers to everything. The thumb holes make her feel like a "real comfy cozy dancer." Even her teachers love her hoodie and I keep getting asked where I got it.
ivivva tank tops and leotards cannot be rivaled. It is like ivivva aimed to make the perfect gear and actually did it. My daughter has the Balance Beam Bodysuit which she wears for dance class and yoga. The gripper elastic keeps it from riding the flat seams keep her from getting irritated skin. She was wearing it so much, we had to hide it for a few days so she would want to wear clothing again! ivivva really honors the spirit of the active girl who wants to run, play and stay fit all day!

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