Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That Bronze Glow from Laura Mercier

I am still appalled that people continue to lay out in the sun's harmful rays with no sunscreen, or go tanning just to get a nice glow. I like my bronze glow to come from a makeup product rather than damaging my skin, thanks very much! Laura Mercier makes the best cosmetics products for a natural, healthy look. The new Belle Nouveau collection is no exception. My favorite product from this line is the Limited Edition Copper Veil Sheer Creme Colour. It gives a fantastic "why yes, I did just get back from St. Thomas," look without the actual sun damage (and expensive trip). As a mom, I appreciate color I can actually wear all day long. This Pale Princess loves Laura Mercier for all of the ways she makes color easy for me. Limited Edition Copper Veil Sheer Creme Colour is one product that has a permanent place in my cosmetic bag. I use this to spruce up my pale winter skin. It looks so good, that three strangers from the gym asked me if I just got back from a trip. I laughed at that prospect then let them in on my secret. Laura’s Sheer Crème Colour is a crème face colour that provides a soft veil of colour for a “bonne mine” (healthy glow) effect. My skin indeed looks healthier and happier. I love that it is so easy to use and gives a glow rather than a glittery explosion like some bronzers. A little goes a long way (which is good, because this is Limited Edition, and I need to start writing my letters to Laura about keeping this one as part of her permanent line).

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