Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vitamin Friends Save the Day

I always have the best intentions when feeding my daughter. I want her to have a healthy, well-balanced diet. I sometimes fail on this mission, so in order to make sure she gets the proper nutrition, I use vitamins. As a kid, I never took vitamins because I could not stand the taste. Thank goodness, we have come a long way. Vitamin Friends makes taking vitamins a treat and not a chore. They have something for everyone. Vitamin Friends has Calcium, vitamin D, Multi-vitamin, probiotic, vitamin C, Omega and Propolis & Echinacea supplements. There are sugar-free options and the gummie vitamins are gluten,egg, nut, wheat, corn, eggs, transfat, gelatin, preservative, artificial color, flavor and sweetener FREE! More importantly the taste of all of the different vitamins are so delicious your child will literally ask for them.

My daughter, things the ProbaYo Yogurt Bears are candy. I had to explain she could only have a certain amount per day. This from the same child I previously had to chase down to get to take anything.

I recently felt a cold coming on so I popped some of the PropoBear Propolis & Echinacea gummies. They were super yummy and they helped my body fight off the infection.

Vitamin Friends are the tough super-hero vitamins and supplements you kids need. They are the best friends a kid could have.

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