Friday, September 30, 2011

Livin' Spoonful for Happy Snacking

I often write about trying to feed my family healthier foods. It can be a slippery slope. Now that my daughter is in school a few days a week, I am faced with snack-time. You would think this would be easy, but it always turns into a conversation the night before. My daughter is a good eater, but I also want her having something healthy. Her new obsession is crackers, crackers, crackers. She loves them with goat cheese brie (don't ask!) and with fruit spreads, and even alone. After looking at the unpronounceable ingredients on a cracker box from the market, I got to researching. I found Livin' Spoonful. Mommy and baby are happy.
Livin' Spoonful makes crackers that are gluten free and nut free. They use sprouted sunflower seeds that are naturally Gluten-Free. The sprouted sunflower seeds are packed full of vitamins and enzymes that usually get destroyed by most factory processes. This makes them very digestable. The crackers are dehydrated at very low temperatures instead of baking. Dehydrating helps to preserver the fragile enzymes and vitamins in the food.
You can even see pieces of vegetables in the crackers! Because we don’t add high heat, the ingredients don’t get chemically altered. It’s just like eating straight out of the garden!
Livin' Spoonful uses the highest quality organic ingredients available, sourced locally whenever possible. When you want exceptional flavor, you have to start with exceptionally good ingredients. Our vegetables are fresher and our carbon footprint is lower. And we’re contributing to our local economy.

They taste of these crackers really speak for themselves. With flavors like Pumpkin Pesto and even Pizza, you are sure to find a winner for your family. My daughter likes Coconut Curry the best, and I am partial to the Caraway Crisps. My husband thinks the best are the Sunny Garden Herb, he says it reminds him of being in the garden harvesting out crop rather than in an office all day. Hey whatever works right?

We have used these to replace those boxes of crackers with ingredients we cannot even pronounce. I know are bodies are thanking us.

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