Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stephen Joseph

Are you sick of the hundreds of children's items out there with the same old characters? Me too! I love certain children's characters (like the Sesame St. gang), but if I had to see one more princess backpack while shopping for my pre-k kid, I might have gone nuts. I was thrilled when I found Stephen Joseph products. The entire line has the perfect amount of whimsy and fun that kids love, while also allowing your child to be unique.

What began as a small company started by Alexandra "Alix" Buckley when she started making fabric frames to earn a little extra Christmas money and turned into Alexandra and Company, has sparked Stephen Joseph.

Their Beach Totes are perfect for a fabulous day of summertime fun. The netted bags come with beach toys and allow for easy clean-up because the sand stays on the beach where it belongs.

The Bottle Buddies are a fun way to make sure your child has their water with them. It fits perfectly around our reusable stainless steel bottles, and my daughter even uses hers as a purse when the mood strikes.

The wallets are a great way to get kids to learn about money and save their pennies. My daughter even brings her saved money with her and is learning how to contribute to get the things she wants. They are also wonderful for children bringing lunch money to school, or carrying identification. They velcro shut and there is a spot for everything.

My favorite item we own is the Quilted Backpack. It is super soft and my daughter is over-the-moon for the monkey design she chose. It is the perfect size for her pre-k school days, and even for traveling. The style is unique, just like her.
Stephen Joseph has everything you and your child need for all areas of being a kid. They bring a smile to your face, and the quality cannot be surpassed.

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