Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paddywhack Lane

I am constantly telling my little girl that she can be whatever she wants. Her dreams change daily from ballerina to firegirl, to astronaut. We encourage her to play with costumes and let her imagination run wild. In the new book The Costume Trunk by Bob Fuller, we meet the children of Paddywhack Lane. During Courtney's birthday party, the gang find a key and a magic trunk where all of their dreams can come true. They can wish to be whatever they want, and through a little bit of magic and imagination, their wishes are granted.

I love the theme that if you just believe, you can become whatever you want. It is such an amazingly positive message to send to children. I also love that this message is delivered in a fun, imaginative way. Better yet, your child will not only fall in love with the book, but the fun characters too! You can visit Paddywhack Lane and let your child choose their favorite friend and become part of the fun. The Paddywhack Lane playsets and accessories are a great way to really bring the book to life. My daughter is a fan of Ella's Ballerina studio. We had a hard time choosing just one character to play with.

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