Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holztiger Brings Back Imagination

We definitely have a mixture of toys in our home. I try to buy lots of wooden items, and toys that allow my daughter to really use her creativity. That means toys that are not battery-operated with flashing lights. Holztiger is the perfect collection of handcrafted wooden toys made in Europe. They have every kind of figure you could imagine, from animals to fairytale figures. They are made from either solid beech or maple hardwood from sustainable forests and are hand-painted with water-based paints and have a water-based clear coat on top so they are moisture proof for little hands and mouths. They edges are always nicely rounds with no rough spots, so even younger children can safely play.

We got the Snow White and Seven Dwarves. My daughter spent a whole day giving them a live concert and then acting out one of her favorite bedtime tales. The quality of these figures is really amazing. They are sturdy enough to stand-up to even the toughest child, but the detailing is so fine. I look forward to adding to our collection (and watching them become an heirloom toy).

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