Friday, July 1, 2011

Eating is an Adventure

Lauren Child is one of my all-time favorite children's book author and illustrator. Her fantastic drawings and collage style books are always favorites with children as well. The Charlie and Lola series of books are based on a brother, Charlie, and his little sister, Lola. Charlie and Lola deal with everyday life in fun ways that children relate to. Most of Lauren Child's books are like this. No fantasy here, just pure hilarious fun! One of our favorites is Charlie and Lola's I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato Pop-Up Book . Lola announces everything she will not eat (and most especially tomatoes). Charlie cleverly disguises these foods by making them fun. Carrots become "orange twiglets from Jupiter" and tomatoes become "moonsquirters." Suddenly Lola is eating all of those foods she claimed to dislike.

This book is perfect for picky eaters and parents. It gave me a few ideas to convince my little eater that food can be fun with a little imagination. We loved the original of this book, and the pop-up is even better because children really get to interact with this creative, imaginative book. Eating will never be the same again!

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