Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clek Gives a Boost to Car Rides

Buying a car seat can be a daunting process. You usually need an infant seat, then a regular car seat then a booster. It does not leave a lot of room for children who grow quite fast, and because of age requirements are often too young to be in a booster, but are barely fitting into their regular car seats. Clek helped make this whole transition easier for our family. Clek purchases 100% of their materials from North American suppliers, including the final assembly of all Clek products. Clek contributes to non-profit organizations aimed at helping children who live below the poverty line. They always think about the environment and how to diminish their impact on the earth. We were a match made in heaven.

Their booster seats are top of the line for safety and style. Consumer reports ranks them as the best in safety. We have the Clek oobr. Unlike most boosters it has a fullback that can be removed to grow with your child. Therefore, you can use this booster from age 3. As your child grows, you can remove the back to have a regular booster seat. The oobr also has LATCH installation. Most boosters lack the LATCH installation which means if there is not child sitting on the seat, it slides all over the car. I also find it gives me piece of mind to know my child is in a seat that is secured. The oobr reclines up to 12 degrees, and has an adjustable head restraint with protective EPS foam. It was engineered with front, rear and side impact in mind. There are belt guides to help positioning of the seat belt on your child's hips and shoulders. There is also a Magnesium Back Frame that contains the torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.

This is an amazing booster seat. We knew we wanted to move my daughter out of her regular 5 point harness seat and into a booster because she was too tall, and her legs were getting bruised from the belt being too tight. I also knew we needed something with a back, and LATCH installation. My options were all down to one seat which had it all....the Clek oobr. Instead of having to get two more car seats, I could get this one, and simply remove the back as she gets older. She is super comfy in the seat with plenty of room. The Drink-thingy by Clek attaches easily for her to always have her water bottle with her. The cushioning on the seat can be easily removed and washed. I had my husband time me while I installed it, and it was very simple and quick! I cannot recommend this seat enough. We are finally done with the fight of why she needs a seat and how comfortable she is. She actually fell asleep in the seat, which may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is. My daughter has not napped since she was two...she resists them, until now.

I was lucky enough to ask Clek Founder, Chris Lumley, his inspiration for creating the Clek line, and why he added the LATCH system. Click here to read that interview.

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