Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PlasmaCar = Active Fun!

It drives me nuts when I see children riding along in their battery-operated cars and trucks. Whatever happened to good old active play? In my determined plan to not allow my child to play that way, I went searching for a toy that would really get her attention, and offer something a little different than a typical bicycle or big wheel. I found PlasmaCar. This award-winning toy has become a favorite of parents everywhere, and for good reason. It is fun!

It's design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car; you simply turn the steering wheel, and away you go! The PlasmaCar harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction.
Quiet, inexpensive, and providing limitless playability, the PlasmaCar is truly a unique toy that can reach exhilarating, but kid-friendly, speeds of up to 10 km/hour (6 mph).

The PlasmaCar can support up to 220 pounds! My daughter loves propelling herself around in it. During a recent vacation week I watched my nephews also join in on the fun. From ages 10 to 3, they all had a ball using the PlasmaCar. I loved watching them be active and get their hearts pumping, without even knowing it because they were having so much fun. What more could a mom or dad ask for? I have to admit, it looked so fun, I also gave it a whirl and it was just as good as it looked. If your are sick of batter-operated "lazy" toys for kids, run to get a PlasmaCar and watch the fun ensue.

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