Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fueling our day

Fuel is a line of on-the-go BPA free products from the Trudeau Corporation. There are containers in every size you could imagine, drinking bottles and even on-the-go utensils. The colors are fun and catchy. We got the Fuel Duo SS Thermal Food Container. It is made from high grade 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel. The 2 part lid becomes a dry snack container, with your moist food in the stainless steel bottom. It even comes with a handy foldable spoon. This is the perfect way to pack nutritious lunches for your children. I have taken a very part-time job, but whenever my mom is watching my daughter, I pack her a nutritious lunch to avoid what I call "Nana's house snacking." I love sending soups in fall, winter and early spring. The Duo SS Thermal Food Container keeps it nice and warm for up to five hours. We have also used it to keep some salads cool. I love the convenience and how earth-friendly it is. My daughter "allowed" her father to take it to work the other day with his homemade chili. This makes is easy to "Fuel" our lifestyle.

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