Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Stacking Up!

Blocks are quite simply the best way for your child to learn early hand-eye coordination, stacking, counting etc. I was not into most of the blocks I see in stores. They are simply too plain and not eye-catching enough for my busy toddler. Of course I went searching on my favorite site and found Stack by Stackblocks. Michelle, the creator of Stack was candid about her reasons for getting into making these time-honored traditional, yet fun toys. She told me:

I've always love making handmade gifts for friends and family. And since I've been blessed with lots of both and they, in turn, have been blessed with lots of children I seem to always bee looking for new ideas. But it was when my daughter was around 6 months old and I started looking for classic wooden blocks for her to play with that I realized there wasn't a whole lot out there. At least nothing that caught my eye. So I decided to make her some myself. Then I made some for her playmate, and some for a friends newborn, and so on and so on until it seemed the natural next step to open a shop. :)

As for why blocks and the designs. Blocks are basic yet completely versatile. I like that they go through multiple levels of a child's development. From the visual sensory of the colors and shapes on the blocks & learning how to grasp them in their cute chubby hands all the way to learning to match pictures, spell basic words, craft puzzles, and of course stack them high. I look for colors and designs that I'm drawn to and I pass them through my quality control department (aka my little girl) to make sure they're both parent and child approved. I honestly think I enjoy the blocks as much as she does!

We got the woodland set and are really loving them. I am happy to have them out around the house as the pictures on each block face are just beautiful. My daughter uses them to make different scenes for her dolls, and we used them the other day for a counting exercise. I recently had a friend bemoaning the decoration process of a nursery. She claimed there was nothing decorative, yet useful for a new baby. I lead her right to Stack! The blocks are safe, non-toxic, colorful and fun! And dear readers, if you shop now and use the code "ProductMommy" you will receive 10% off your Stack order!

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