Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Basq(ing) in the Glory of Motherhood

I remember when I was pregnant. I used every product there was to avoid the dreaded stretch marks. Well, I did not win that battle. My stomach still bears those battle wounds. I actually had a nurse in recovery look at my stomach stretch marks and ask me if I had gained more than the "allowed" amount (actually I stayed under the "allowed" amount). Let me tell you, her comment did loads for my self-confidence. I wish I had known about Basq.

Basq was started by two friends who wanted to bring natural and effective skincare and bodycare to women going through changes from hormonal to pregnancy to just plain being a woman in today's world. (Yes, even non-preggos get stretch marks). The Basq line is award-winning for a reason. The line is paraben, phthalate and allergen free, and they do not test on animals. The products are safe to use during pregnancy, and best of all they work. I test drove a few items from the line and was suitably impressed.

The Advanced Stretch Mark Butter uses clinically Proven Ingredients, Essential Oils known for scar prevention, and rich Butters. Darutoside and Algisium C are powerful ingredients proven in clinical testing to combat and repair stretch marks by regenerating elastin fibers. Shea and Jojoba butters provide rich, creamy nourishment to stretched skin with a buttery texture women love. Borage, Rosehip and Grapeseed Oil work with the skin's natural hydrating process to fortify skin and deliver skin strengthening essential fatty acids deep within the dermis layer. These oils were specifically selected for their ability to prevent scar formation. It absorbs instantly. I used it for a week, and saw results on stretch marks that are over three years old!

The Energizing Body Lotion is super cooling. It is an energizing blend of Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Eucalyptus and Lavender provides head to toe relief and incredibly soft skin. The plant derived formula eases body aches while the energizing aroma and cooling tingle give an instant mental boost. Reduces swelling in the feet and legs, soothes aching back and shoulders and cools the body from "hot flashes." I remember that at the end of my pregnancy I would sit all-night with my feet in ice-cold water. I was commuting, and my dogs were barking. My lower back and feet felt the heat. I would have done anything for this product. I have been on a get-fit kick, and this Body Lotion is put to good use. I love the way it smells, and better yet, the way it feels. It really cools me down, and the tingle takes the body stress away.

And if you need to relax the Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy is the way to go. It has a delicious Lavender and Pear scent that relaxes your body and mind. It can be used on your pulse points, for a facial steam, in the bath or for a relaxing massage. I cannot get enough of the scent.

Basq really has captured what is important to women, and is a line made by women for women. We have enough to worry about, why not make our lives a little easier?!

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