Tuesday, February 8, 2011

thinkbaby BPA Free Feeding Set

I have written about thinkbaby before. thinkbaby is a socially responsible company dedicated to making products with a small carbon footprint, and that are environmentally sound and safe for you to use. They make products for parents and children and are dedicated to making items that keep you safe from harsh chemicals and additives that are in so many of our daily products.

I have fallen in love with the thinkbaby BPA Free Feeding Set. It comes with a Bento box, soup bowl, baby bowl, kid’s cup, fork and spoon. The set is made from highly sustainable materials. The Bento box is air tight and all of the containers come with a lid.
The bento box, baby bowls, and Kid’s cup are made from food grade stainless steel and then wrapped in polypropylene. This set is also free from melamine which is known to leach harmful chemicals into foods. This set can literally be used from the moment your child can have solids, through adulthood.

When it arrived, it caused a stir in my home. My husband went to grab it, assuming it was for a delicious home-packed meal for him to take to work. Alas, Productbaby was faster! She snatched it up and demanded it be filled with, and I quote "delicious food." She was even more thrilled for a "big kid cup" which is the perfect small size to have her drink with at the table. The cup has a TPR handle and it wonderful for warm or cold liquids. This is the perfect set for picnics, school lunches, traveling...you name it.

We usually picnic quite a bit, even in winter, but we have been covered with snow for weeks, so we had our own lunch picnic indoors. The Bento box was perfect for organic turkey slices and celery root puree with chives. The larger bowl fit a whole sliced apple with lemon juice to boost flavor and stop oxidation. The smaller bowl was filled with organic Greek yogurt and garnished with blueberries. The cup was the perfect size for some herbal lemon tea with lemon honey sweetner (and of course a straw from Glass Dharma). We made a day of pretending to go on a journey, and this meal capped off the day (and traveled well in the lunch bag my child insisted I pack).

This set with last a lifetime, and grow with your child. Finally a company that really thinks about your baby!

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