Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tegu...the Building Blocks of the Future

From a very young age, my daughter has been playing with blocks. Blocks seem so simple, but their educational value is really immeasurable. Blocks are tactile and also teach children hand-eye coordination as they stack and place them. As children get older, their imaginative structures built from blocks teach them balance and precision. My daughter loves to build with blocks, but the minute the structure falls over, it becomes melt-down city. I think I found the solution.

Tegu blocks are made from eco-friendly hard woods. Each block has a magnet safely embedded inside. The name Tegu comes Tegucigalpa,* the capital city of Honduras, where the blocks are manufactured. The Tegu factory provides fair wages and career growth for its employees. Tegu uses mature trees and helps to fund reforestation, by donating to replanting efforts when the blocks are sold. The blocks all have a water-based, non-toxic coating, so you can feel safe when your child uses them.

We have created some amazing structures with Tegu blocks in this house. My child is amazed by how she can just attach pieces to the sides of her creations and "Mama, they stay!" She told me the other day that she was building "a house with nice baseboards." And this from a three year old! I admit, I am addicted to these blocks. I like trying to build cool animals. What a fun way to be creative. I also love that Tegu is a company that gives back. We have the discovery set which is 26 pieces of pure fun. I even am gaga for the packaging which has facts about trees, magnets and the blocks, for little inquiring minds. These really are the blocks of the future.

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