Monday, November 22, 2010

Auntie Robin

There is nothing like handmade clothing. If you want unique and you want something special, sometimes chain-store buys will just not do. Enter Auntie Robin. Auntie Robin is an Etsy seller with a real eye for making wonderful girl’s skirts and quilts for the special little girl in your life. I admit to also loving the name of her line, which was inspired by her years of being an Aunt to her beloved nieces and nephews (a role I love as well). Her clothing is all lined, which makes them extra-resilient for years and years of play. All the edges are finished, so you can wash the garments with no worries that they will break apart. Unique styles like the Snow White skirt, and Fairy outfit have the bit of whimsy kids love.

My daughter has the Snow White Skirt and she wears it all of the time, and I mean all of the time. She gets her princess look in, while I get to have her NOT festooned in Disney. The last time she wore her skirt, we got asked by no less than five people where we got it. The quilts are equally as beautiful and unique. They are the perfect size for a dolly blanket or even a favorite snuggle blanket for kids. I know my daughter will have both items to pass down to her children. You just cannot beat something made with so much love.

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