Friday, April 30, 2010

Theo Chocolate, Get in my Belly!

Sweet treats are a bit of an issue in my home. I do not want to be the parent who denies all sweets and then my child goes Tasmanian Devil on the dessert cart at a friends party. We try to limit what Product Baby has, but not deny her completely. I contact Theo Chocolate about trying some of their line. My daughter loves dark chocolate and for a 2 year old, she is something of a purist. She likes the best.

Theo Chocolate produces organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolate. It was founded by Joseph Whiney who was the first to supply organic cocoa beans in the USA in 1994. Prior to Theo Chocolate in 2006, all organic chocolate was manufactured in Europe and imported to the US. They are the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country. They use pure ingredients that are sustainably grown. They source for local ingredients and partner with their growers for fair living wages and education for their families. Theo Chocolate uses green energy sources to power their factory and uses sustainable packaging and printing methods. Theo Chocolate buys their cacao direct from farmers, and build relationships with them to benefit their families.
So not only is this a company making wonderful, delicious chocolate, they are a company with a strong environmental and human conscience.
We were lucky to try two wonderful bars of chocolate (which “forced” me to buy more). Fig, Fennel and Almond Bar was a delight. It is dairy, gluten, and soy free and also Vegan! It was so delicious with a dark chocolate base and a gorgeous crunch from the almonds, with a sweet middle from the fig and a fresh aftertaste from the fennel.
Darn you Theo Chocolate, you grabbed me in!

Our other bar was a Theo & Jane Goodall 45% Milk Chocolate Bar. I have to admit, I was not anxious to share, but between Product Baby, Mommy and Daddy, our bellies gave that a good home during a picnic at the park. It was just the right amount of sweet with a delicious ending. It is also gluten and soy free! Best of all:
Proceeds from the sale of these chocolate bars will benefit cocoa farmers, promote conservation in the tropical rain forest and directly contribute to the Jane Goodall Institute’s efforts to save chimpanzees, develop community centered conservation efforts and direct youth education programs around the world.

So now I feel a little better about Product Baby having a treat…and me too! These bars melt wonderfully to use as a topping for homemade granola and energy bars too. I am officially addicted and making (eating) my way through the whole line.

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  1. Love ur blog..
    Oh.........I love theo too,absolutely deish,just cant stop at one,have u tried their curry powder,very nice


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