Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mommy Hook

I honestly think that if push came to shove, I could stand in for a pack mule. I always could carry a lot of items at once, but it was not until I had Product Baby that I realized how tricky it is to carry every bag in the car into our home, while chasing her and making sure she actually goes to our door. Product Baby always runs for her freedom the minute she is out of her car seat, and I am usually bumbling behind with random things flying out of the bags. So, to make my life even a smidgn easier, I got a Mommy Hook. The Mommy Hook can be strapped on to your stroller or shopping cart, an unlike cheap plastic it will not break. You can hang tons of bags from it, and even use the soft cushioning to hold when carrying them into the house. It is made of heavy duty aluminum so it is lightweight while being tough. I can honestly say it has saved me from tears as I tried to get us and our merchandise into our home. I also have used it a few times to hook my bag on to my daughter's stroller. I love it! If you live in an apartment, then The Mommy Hook is a must! Frankly whether you have children or not, The Mommy Hook is a must. Make your life easier in any way you can!

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