Friday, February 5, 2010


I give my child vitamins, but when she was born, she had to take a daily antibiotic for a an issue she had (which thank goodness is now gone). If we did not give her the antibiotic, much more serious infections could occur. I was worried about what giving her a daily antibiotic would do to her stomach. That was when my doctor told me about Culturelle (gosh I sound like one of those dodgy medicine ads). Culturelle is Lactobacillus GG which is proven to kill bad bacteria in the immune system as well as improving digestion and reducing digestive upset. Culturelle also makes a Culturelle for Kids which is both gluten and dairy free. Best of all, it is tasteless, so we just pop it into her morning water, and we are good to go. I still give her Culturelle for Kids everyday. It has so many benefits. Children face so many bacterias between school, home, and the playground.
Lactobacillus GG, the most clinically studied probiotic, or “good bacteria”, in the world. The good bacteria safely and naturally displaces the bad bacteria, strengthening kids’ natural defense systems, improving digestion, reducing digestive upset and leaving your child happier and feeling healthier.

Culturelle for Kids is one of the very few probiotics available that is 100% dairy and gluten free.

Studies have proven that Culturelle given to children:

Culturelle for Kids

* Boosts their still-developing immune system*
* Helps reduce upset stomach*
* Improves their digestion*
* Helps maintain regular bowel movements*
* Helps to treat occasional diarrhea*
* Helps replenish good bacteria after taking medications, like antibiotics*
* Helps manage symptoms of colic*

There are many probiotics out there, but this one proved to be the easiest to sneak to her without taking a pill, and without it containing dairy or gluten. I also like that it is available at a lot of major chains, so it is easier to get than ones only sold at health-food and all-natural stores. Happy tummies make for Happy child (and mommy too!)

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