Saturday, December 19, 2009

Violet Love Headbands

When Rebecca Michaels, the creator and owner of Violet Love Headbands decided to make some bands for herself to help keep her hair in place while jogging, I do not then even she knew how big it would get. Friends wanted the headbands too. What began as headbands, is now a a full line of headbands, SHE Headbands for athletes, an Eco Headband Line and now footless tights and trouser socks. You can buy your little one matching headbands with footless tights. Violet Love is now sold all over the world! They are made in the USA and the quality cannot be beat.

We got a soft headband for me and a set of the footless tights and headband for my daughter. My daughter loves nothing more than a Tutu, and she instantly decided that the footless tights were the perfect accessory. She wears the headband all of the time, and it has been extra helpful since she has decided she will no longer put her hair up. Her hair always falls in her face, but because the Violet Love headband is so comfy, she wants to put it on. I have worn my headband every single day since I got it. I always get headaches from conventional hard headbands, and the overly elastic soft ones never seem to stay in place. Violet Love is the solution. They are nice and lightweight and completely pain free. I cannot wait to get some in more colors. There is still time to get these wonderful headbands for a holiday stocking stuffer treat!

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