Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kushies Bibs!

Kushies is known for a one-stop shop for all of your child's accessory needs. I have always been a particular fan of their wonderful bibs. From the moment your child starts teething and eating, they pretty much wear a bib all day long. Most of the Kushies bibs are waterproof and come in wonderful modern designs you and your child will love. My favorite is the bib we just got. The Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves is amazing! My daughter decided long ago that she would not wear any type of bib, because I think she associated the traditional ones with being a baby. As she has started to eat on her own, her clothing has become like a Jackson Pollack painting. I thought I would give the Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves a try since it looks more grown-up. She loves it! It has a catch-all pocket so stray food falls in there instead of my floor. I love the long sleeves, since sleeves are often what gets the worst damage from food spills and reaching. We also use this as a smock for our various art projects. All I have to do is wipe it clean. We toured a Montessori pre-school and she saw children wearing similar bibs as they painted, so she thinks she is the ultimate in cool. I love that I can keep her wardrobe stain-free. The bib comes in all sizes from Infant to 4-6Years. It also comes in an array of prints and for only $9.49, you can afford to have one in your diaper bag and at home.

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