Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Byrdie Graphics...fly into home fashion in 2010!

As we bid 2009 a goodbye, you know we are all making our resolutions. Don't deny it, I know you have a few in mind. Well this year, one of mine is making our humble abode more decorative and exciting. My favorite room in the whole place is my daughter's. Her room is full of color and bright patterns. She had one wall just screaming for a punch of color, but no framed art or fabric-covered canvas would do. I am not a big fan of wallpaper or painting. I found Byrdie Graphics while searching for an alternative and knew I had found the answer.
Byrdie Graphics, makes decorating and freshening up your home look so easy! Vinyl graphics are super easy to apply and remove. So easy, that decorating challenged ol' me was able to get them on the wall in 10 minutes (with a two year old hanging on me and "helping").

Byrdie Graphics has a huge selection of Wall Patterns for every room in your home. The designs are exquisitely detailed and can be applied to windows, walls, appliances, sinks, tubs and doors. If you move, or change the design of a room, you simply peel them off and discard. I was especially excited to be able to choose a pattern and a color that worked for me (unlike pre-packaged wall stickers). We chose Wild Flowers in bright pink! I love them and am contemplating which pattern I want for our bedroom. Byrdie Graphics is definitely one of my favorite finds!

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