Monday, November 16, 2009

Svan Bouncer

We were fortunate this weekend to try out the Svan Bouncer with a young baby cousin. The Svan Bouncer allows you to either use your foot to rock the child to sleep, or let their own movement dictate the motion of the bouncer. There are so many colors to choose from, and each one is gorgeous and brings the modern design you expect from Svan. Babies can use the Svan Bouncer from birth up to 30lbs.. The bouncer is fully adjustable, with bentwood in different finishes to choose from (natural, espresso). It has an unlimited range of motion in which your baby can sit completely upright for feedings or sleep in a reclined position. I loved that it folds up so it can easily be put away. The padding can be detached for easy washing...a huge bonus with a new baby. Bentwood backrest provides excellent support for your baby's developing skeletal system. You can even loop your own toys to it!
• Fully adjustable seat allows your baby to lay down for naps, sit up to observe their surroundings, or lounge anywhere in between.
• Provides a comfortable seat in which to transition them to solid foods.
• Meets ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification F2617-05a for Infant Bouncer Seats
• Padding is PBDE free and wood stain is lead free.
2 years manufacturers warranty.

The baby we saw using it, loved it. She seemed to prefer the motion she herself created. I have to admit, I wish I had one when my child was an infant. She hated every bouncer we tried, and all of them were so tacky! This is the perfect alternative. I have never seen a bouncer you can recline. This is definitely a do-it-all chair.
If you go here you can get the bouncer for $10 off for a limited time using code: BOUNCE10. You also get free shipping for any orders over $59 and a very flexible return policy.

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