Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Learning Tower

Children love being a part of everything. From the minute they can stand and walk, they often insist they are part of your daily routine. The Learning Tower by Little Partners is a sturdy non-tip structure that allows the child to cook and participate right alongside mom and dad. It brings the child right up to counter height (and has numerous slots as your child grows to lower and heighten the piece they stand on). Because it has sides, it has safety that regular step stools lack. Children can use it from 18 months to 6 years old, but has been tested to hold up to 500lbs.. The Learning Tower allows your child to feel independent and involved giving them the "I can do anything," attitude. It is made from layered birch and a non-toxic, lead free finish. It has a wide 15"x18" platform for your child to stand on. You can do what you need to do in the kitchen, without the added worry of your child falling as they try to help. It comes in numerous colors. You can also add a Playhouse Kit or Art Easel to transform your Learning Tower into an imaginative playhouse. With a simple piece of fabric on the top, you have a fort, or a puppet theater, or a quite place (yeah right). This is the perfect holiday buy. Your child can make the dinner and cookies right alongside you!

We have the Learning Tower, and my daughter went crazy as I put it together. She calls it her "Castle" and from day one, she helped rinse some dishes, and even mix up some brownies. We love that she is really involved in the way she wants to be, but also in a safe way. Because the tower fits flush with the kitchen counter, she is able to reach and really loves cooking. We plan on picking up the art easel to really let her imagination run wild. This is a multi-tasking, wonderful creation. It has won numerous awards (iParenting Media Award, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, etc.)...and I can easily see why! Stay tuned for pics of Product Mommy's little tester trying it out (she is currently refusing to wear pants...so we shall see).

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