Saturday, November 21, 2009

Laughing out Loud Kids

I love finding comfortable and cool clothing for my child. I especially love when those clothes are not only stylish, but wear well…because children are messy, and clothing takes a beating. Laughing Out Loud Kids is just that kind of clothing. It is designed by Mila Cole who played off the mantra "Live, Laugh, Love”. She was inspired by her two young sons, Sebastian and Marcel. The range is made for children 0-6 years. Mila Cole draws from her Latin heritage and creates clothing with rich and bright colors that appeal to both children and parents. The line is made with high-quality fine-gauge knits and ultra soft Pima cottons from Peru.
The clothing is so unique, and we adore the pieces we have. My daughter looks like a little rosebud in her Charleston dress which is perfect to wear as a dress, or as a tunic with stretch pants or jeans. I love clothes that can be worn in many different ways. Laughing Out Loud Kids is the kind of line of clothing that really can be worn for years and years to come. From stretch pants and the Calypso Tunic for girls, to delicious Cardigans and Cha Cha shirts for boys…this is the ultimate in fashion, comfort and color for your child. I really wish designers for adults would take notice, as I would love some clothing as soft as this!

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  1. The yellow Calypso style dress is ADORABLE!


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