Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buds Cherished Organics for Baby

A good friend of mine from London wrote to me about a skincare line for children that was certified organic, smelled and worked wonderfully. I was luck enough to try some of the line, and had to share it with you! Buds Baby is a full line of preservative, sodium lauryl sulphates, PEG, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, parabens and other harmful synthetic ingredients-free! It was created by parents looking for safe options for their baby with a huge portion of the ingredients coming from organic farming. Here are some of the yummy products:
Precious Newborn Cream: smells amazing and moisturizes like a dream. Loaded with Shea Butter, Inca Inchi Oil and Jojoba and Sesame Oil.
Happy Baby Head to Toe Cleanser: a gorgeous citrus smell with 100% of the ingredients coming from Organic Farming. I will say, you need to be careful as this one cannot get into a child's eyes, so is better for older children.
Baby Massage Oil: I use this on my legs and body! This oil contains Sunflower, Jojoba and Inca Inchi oil, and can be used for baby massage.
Baby Bum Balm: made with Organic Beeswax and anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, this is a great barrier cream. I personally think this cream is a great barrier, but not thick enough for actual healing of a diaper rash.
First Aid Lotion: This is the do all healer for bumps and bruises contaitning Masterwort Leaf Extract, Tamanu Seed Oil, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera. This is better for closed wounds as Tea Tree can sting.
Mozzie Clear Lotion: and all-natural way to keep the buggies away. Smells pleasant, and is actually moisturizing. This can also be used to help soothe itchy bug bites.

My personal faves from the line are the Frost Defence and Pukka Pucker Lip Balm.
The Frost Defence has an amazing citrusy fresh smell and really provides a non-greasy barrier for your nature child. We live in New England, and this is a must to protect my baby's cheeks. The Pukka Pucker Lip Balm is non-scented and safe for baby to get in their mouth. I know my daughter often got dry lips from winter and nursing, so this is a wonderful solution.

For Mommies, be sure to check out the Beautiful Blooming Stretch Mark Cream which helps maintain elasticity as your body changes through pregnancy, and also helps with itchy belly as you stretch (I wish I had this when I was preggo with my daughter). They also make a Nursing Salve which organically soothes to make breastfeeding a little easier.

This is a wonderful, organic line, and I could not be happier. I love that there is finally an organic company that does not feel that every product has to be doused in lavender. I like lavender, but not in every single product I use. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi - do you know if the The Pukka Pucker Lip Balm is safe for 2 month old baby. Thanks.


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